New Club/Organization Registration

All clubs & organizations (abbreviated hereafter as ‘Clubs’) at Pratt must apply for recognition by the Student Government Association (SGA) and Office of Student Involvement in order to conduct business on campus, receive funding, and use the Pratt name. Students interested in establishing a new Club must complete the application below.

Applications will be reviewed by the Chair of Student Life and presented to the SGA for approval. An in-person meeting with the Chair of Student Life and/or Assistant Director of Student Involvement may be required. Upon approval, an email notification will be sent by the SGA. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and can take 3-4 weeks to process.

Registration Application consists of the following:

  • General Information
  • Constitution & By-Laws
  • Membership Roster (must have a minimum of five (5) members)
  • Officer Information
  • Advisor Information & Agreement

Application approval criteria:

  • Compliance with Institute policies (Student Handbook, etc.).
  • Demonstrated non-duplication of the mission of previously recognized clubs/organizations and avoids clear similarity with another already-recognized student organization.
  • Clearly articulated objectives and goals of the proposed student organization.
  • Feasibility of funding the organization’s goals, projects, or publications.
  • Demonstrated plan for sustainability of the organization.
  • Demonstrated benefit to the members, campus, and/or wider community.
  • Demonstrated need for recognition based on benefits provided to recognized organizations.
  • At least five members. All officers and members must be registered students of Pratt Institute.
  • Adherence to the Institute’s non-discrimination policy.

Clubs/Organization Registration Renewal

The Student Government Association and Office of Student Involvement require the annual registration renewal of all Clubs in order to maintain accurate records, evaluate registration, and process funding applications. Registration may be suspended or terminated as determined by the SGA and/or Office of Student Involvement for failure to maintain application approval criteria. All Clubs approved prior to Spring Break must renew their registration before the end of the Spring semester at Clubs approved after Spring Break are automatically re-registered for the following school year. Failure to renew registration by the specified deadline will result in the suspension or termination of a Club’s official registration. In the case of registration termination, Clubs must re-apply as a new Club.

Deadline for Registration Renewal for the 2013-2014 school year is Monday, July 1, 2013.

Click HERE for the Club/Organization Registration Form.